Sunday, 25 January 2015

Wellwoman Part 3

Okay, He was losing her again. All this religious talk was exhausting. Her reply was simple: 'I know that when God's Promised One comes he'll reveal everything'. She had learned that much on her mother's knee.

'Oh, well, here goes then', He said to Himself, 'after all, I'm here to tell her the truth'

'I'm speaking to you now and I am Him'. Well, this was a change. From all out of luck and love, to first in line to greet God's great Teacher promised through His prophets. He ...knew her many mistakes and romantic failures and that hadn't even fazed Him. All He had given was honesty and reassurance. She asked herself: 'If that's what God's really like, then maybe...'

The disciples felt they had arrived back not a moment too soon. They were horrified that He had struck up a conversation with a Samaritan and, worse still, a woman without a chaperone. Surely, it was a formula for unnecessary scandal.

By this time, though, she had just about balanced the water vessels for carrying back to her home. And this day would not end with another round of the town's stinging rejection and public contempt. This was a new day for her and she was the herald of that town's very special visitor with a story about her encounter with God's message.

She went back to her town and didn't hold back. They could think of her what they liked, but what she now knew would make their hair stand on end. She had made a real friend who was far more important than she or they ever would be. And yet, He was probably her only real friend in the world, despite already knowing all of her shortcomings. A Voice in her thoughts began to encourage her. She exclaimed again and again: 'Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did (thinking 'and He never ran away') Couldn't this be the Promised One?'

The crowds ran out and gathered to meet Jesus. Some of the these townsfolk mingled with the disciples and took it upon themselves to get them up to speed on just what kind of woman Jesus had been talking to.

A few of the disciples took Jesus aside and asked how He could ever fix the level of shame and guilt that she could bring upon them: that she had actually brought upon herself.

Jesus smiled at first and then gazed with sadness into the distance towards Jerusalem before turning away. He sighed deeply, shuddered and then whispered: 'Don't worry. I have this completely covered'.

Tired, they thought: 'Another riddle for another's day'.

Perhaps, He'd explain tomorrow just what 'completely covered' really meant.


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